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Surprise the whole family. Enough Party Snow™ for a one of a kind experience. Makes 2 gallons of fluffy white snow. Comes in a re-sealable bag with measuring scoop.

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Surprise the whole family. Enough Party Snow™ for a one of a kind experience. Makes 2 gallons of fluffy white snow. Comes in a re-sealable bag with measuring scoop.

What is Party Snow™?

Party Snow is fake snow – that feels just like real snow. It is fluffy, cool to the touch, and so fun to play or decorate with!

Snow Parties:

Party Snow has the perfect packages to compliment your snow party or special event. Our product has been used in thousands of weddings, parties, and events all over the world!

Packages include a bulk bag of powder and 12 to 24 party pouches. Each pouch makes a terrific giveaway for guests! All package orders also come with FREE 2-3 day shipping in the USA. Party Snow’s specially formulated product has a proven track record with thousands of satisfied customers.

How does Party Snow™ Work?

The secret is Party Snow’s special mix for creating an Instant Snow Blizzard! Our powder uses a special polymer that has been formulated to expand up to 100-times its size (like millions of tiny sponges). More importantly Party Snow™ is completely safe, non-toxic and instantly creates a pile of soft, fluffy snow just by adding water! Our product is used on movie sets, indoor ski resorts and on Broadway to create snow that feels so real – but is so easy to clean up!

(Please be wary of rip off sites claiming they sell the same fluffy snow we do. The product found in diapers can have similar properties but will not create the same fluffy fake snow that only Party Snow™ has perfected!)

You can sprinkle Party Snow™ on plants or grass and it will not damage them. It is 100% non-toxic and will not harm animals or humans.

  • Party Snow™ brand Fake Snow is nearly identical to Real Snow!
  • So easy to make! Our powder transforms into fluffy snow in seconds!
  • Party Snow™ lasts for days or even weeks with proper care
  • 100% safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Will not leave water or moisture behind
  • Easiest clean up EVER!
  • Affordable and FUN!
  • Shipments processed daily!
  • Whether you want a handful or a house full of snow – Party Snow™ has BULK SNOW discounts available for you!

The Science behind the MAGIC of Party Snow™

The science behind Party Snow is a unique blend of polymer products with a special isolate that creates a powder capable of acting like a sponge that can expand up to 100 times its size – and absorb and hold that much water. The result is the fluffiest, funnest artificial snow around – the ORIGINAL Party Snow™.

Create a Classroom or Science Project

Party Snow™ is the perfect fake snow to use to introduce a science topic such as weather, how nature creates snow and more. Use Party Snow™ to decorate the classroom and introduce Winter events like the Olympics or other events.

Discuss the use of super-absorbent polymers like Party Snow™, used to clean up water in water treatment, in oil spill disasters – and even to contain moisture in baby diapers.

Discuss how products like Party Snow™ are used in agriculture to minimize the negative effects of drought conditions.

  • Use Party Snow™ at a wedding, birthday party or special event!
  • Throw Party Snow™ instead of rice at a wedding!
  • Use Party Snow™ to decorate or put on table or place settings to create a festive holiday atmosphere!
  • Create a birthday party with snow – cover a bounce house or fill a kiddie pool with it!

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